LOL Chauvin's Lawyer is shredding Prosecutions Toxicologist!


I used to have a nice speech for those that did the doper flop! The doper flop is when they dropped on jail floor and faked heart attacks.

About half would say , awwww fuck it can I get another pot pie then?

Anyone who watched the jury selection knows that there is no chance of an acquittal. Hung jury maybe.

Eric Nelson has been doing a great job though.

Been following the Legal Insurrection blog and podcasts, good analysis and videos of each day’s testimony by a lawyer.

Agreed, that guy came off bad.

No signs of intoxication? The dude was riding a pretend horse in the gas station. He then attempted to pass a counterfeit bill and then stayed at the place for like another 20 minutes before the cops showed up. He was acting CRACKED the fuck out.

When taking a knee goes wrong


This whole trial is just going through the motions. Either way it ends we all lose.

Can you imagine when he gets out of the pool…that long ass hair coming off his temple stuck on the side of his face like a sideburn

Do we have a timeframe for when a verdict will be reached? I need to stock up on Costco crackers and popcorn for the shows in the ghettos afterward

Its so long I wonder if he can make a chin strap…like one side of his hair is held on by the other side. A reverse helmet of sorts.

Michael Jordan Reaction GIF

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The store clerk said he was drunk lol. If anybody in the entire fucking world will know if somebody is drunk it will be a store clerk in the fucking hoodedy hoody ass hood. lol.


I worked 31 years, made 2100+ arrests, 2 unsustained complaints.

Lots of complaints is a red flag, sustained or not.


Not so much that as just cynical sadness that the facts in OJ’s case seemed to merit a guilty verdict (and honestly there wasn’t any other way it could have happened), and the facts here seem to merit not guilty, and there are multiple ways he could have died (one being Chauvin killed him, but reasonable doubt is reasonable doubt).

But this case will not be decided on facts. As someone noted, one OJ juror came right out and said they were going to vote “not guilty” no matter what. I suspect a number of Chauvin jurors will be the same, they have already made up their minds to convict regardless of what they hear, and they will do their best to convince the rest of the jury to follow them.

These legal analysts are merely playing a game - the game of “if this were a truly fair trial decided by unbiased and intelligent people, this is what happened and was said today and swayed things one way or the other.”


I think your agency logs complaints different. Some of that shit on Chauvin’s record is something that goes away at mine if you do not do it again within 18 months.

33 years so many arrests I could not count. 1 sustained disciplinary action . And that was a setup by a fellow employee who was pussy ass punk, who did not like me because I would not join their faggedy ass FOP " LODGE" .

Our agency had the same policy unsubstantiated claims stayed in your file for 18 months still can’t be used against you for any reason. A sustain complaint stayed longer depending on the severity. If he still has 19 complaints I would be very curious how they do their counting and when violations are removed.

SHREDDED BRO!!!1eleventy!!!

Well, to be fair, all they have to work with is the facts, and those are in favor of the defense.

No LEO but I would think that your geographical location is going to play a pretty big part in collecting complaints as well. A nice suburb or semi rural LEO is never going to see the same exposure as an inner city cop who deals with professional victims every day.