lol @ Chuck and Tito...

That was pretty cool

they are still friends...they have a pact

i agree with the good DR


i agree about wanting to see chuck be dethroned. not that i don't like him or anything. it's just that i usually don't like to see the same person keep on winning. it's interesting when guys lose once in a while. i like to see different fighters at the top of the ranks. but then again, i don't wait for Fedor to lose, cuz i think he's awesome so i don't know.

From: jon hancock
Date: 08/27/06 01:23 AM
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If you want Liddell beat, bring in Liddell

Good call. Liddell would beat Lidell 9 times out of 10.


Tito will OWN!!

Steal Rampage from WFA!

Lidell can not beat Lidell !!!! I don't think, maybe, I think.

Eat shit fuckheads, Tito and Chuck both beat Liddell with no problem this time.

Tito will get KO'd in the first or second round. You all know it. Stop saying otherwise, it just makes you look ridiculous.

Chuck will KO Tito again.

Sorry guys, the beer made me write "Tito and Chuck both beat Liddell with no problem this time". I don't know what that was supposed to mean, but it didn't do it's job. Sorry guys.