Lol@Comicbookresources forum post

They're discussing Capullo's new art for Batman, it looks to me like the majority of them are newbs or really young because they have no idea who he is, one of them even says he looks like a "poor man's David Finch"! LMAO man some people have no idea.

I'm liking the look of his approach to Batman, it's always nice to see him doing something other than Spawn anyway but great to see Greg do actual pencils rather than just layouts, he's imo one of the greats when it comes to dynamic drawing and texture.

I feel a little like Sheldon for making this thread but it made me laugh.


[quote]Alger Hiss - Bahahaha[/quote] 

Capullo's good, he's what McFarlane would have been had he ever added strong fundamentals to his figure work, much better storytelling, and stronger composition.

Guy is also a real pro about deadlines and getting the work done.

I recall a story where he was drawing pages in a hospital bed, after he had undergone brain surgery, to make sure they didn't need a fill-in artist on Spawn, or have the book ship late.

And then you get these lazy hacks these days, needing months and months to get a couple issues done before a series is even solicited, so the publisher can make sure that the first 4-5 issues ship on time before switching artists.