lol Cro Cop to resign w/Pride


World Fight talk to Cro Cop about is situation and he said:"I do not have nothing certain with the UFC, will be talking with Dana White this week, if the money that is saying that pays me, I will close business yes"

According Mirko, exists a possibility to remain in Pride. "I spoke with the Sakakibara that if mine revanche with Fedor is in February, I?ll stay on Pride...otherwise I'll go where it pays more"

Font in portuguese.:

Maybe he'll come into the ring. Say that he wants to fuck chuck, stare at him then let nothing happen ever.

fuck chack lol

victor, has it been confirmed that Mirko is in Vegas?


I disagree. I think CroCop vs. Arlovski or Vera would be fireworks.

I also believe we all secretly hope for Sylvia's fathead to be kicked up into the rafters. Even if it ended 15 seconds into Rd.1, it would be worth the cost of a PPV.

UFC will sign more of Pride's HW's so chill out, fuckers.