LOL @ Denmark!!!


Sweden played Denmark tonight in Group F in the Euro Qualifier.

In the 26th Sweden is up by 0-3, but in the 76th it's 3-3 and I'm freaking out.

In the 89th! the Danish centre back punches a Swede behind the refs back, but the linesman catches it! The ref raises the red card and points at the penalty mark. A Danish supporter decides after a day of beer chugging that the only viable solution now is to storm the field and clock the ref! He's stopped by several Danish players, but the ref stops the game.

Sweden wins 0-3 on ├╝berSELF PWNAGE by Denmark!!!

And here's a vid of it!!!

lol good right hook by the Dane


I feel sorry for Northen Ireland.

3-0 is the default score if a game is awarded to a team in those kind of odd circumstances.

Great stuff !!!!

I also had the pleasure of watching this live....was extremely amuzing.

k... does anyone remember the rugby match where the fan jumps on the field and goes at the ref, and gets drilled by the player? (i have no access to youtube here in Thailandistan, so can't bring it up)

or the hockey match where the fan falls into the penalty box after banging on the glass, and gets fed by Tie Domi?

That Danish player should have drilled that guy. Fans don't belong on the field/court/ice, in any sport, and the message should be sent by the players (if security wont do it) that it is not acceptable.

^That was fucking great

I like the thread title. I'm guessing there isn't too many opportunities for it.

FIFA have fucked themselves by giving the match to Sweden. They have set a very dangerous precedent.

I'm going to attend all England games in an opponent's shirt and scarf, and try to take a whack at the ref in each game. 3 points for England each game - It might be our best chance of qualifying for Euro 2008.

Mozzer has drunkely stumbled onto the playing field and took a wild swipe at the correct.