LOL@ Faber celebrating while still on Menjivar

Anyone else laugh when Faber started celebrating while he was still on Menjivar's back?

California knows how to party.

Haha ya I want to see a pic of that with his hands raised while still body locked on menjivar. Phone Post

Like a baws Phone Post

NeilDiamond - 

I thought that was pretty disrespectful to be honest Phone Post

Ivan should have stacked him before he climbed around instead of just waiting. That's not what Sakuraba would have done.

Cali...we party 365 ya heard! Phone Post

Uriajah is a self absorbed prick. He is not the guy he portrays on camera. He is a douche, real talk. Phone Post

UGCTT_Edgar_Ate_My_Baby -

"California; So high we'll ride all night."

-Hollywood Undead Phone Post