LOL @ George Foreman

By Jon Herskovitz DALLAS (Reuters) - Former heavyweight champion George Foreman is planning a return to the ring, saying that he wants to show he can still fight at the age of 55.Foreman said on Tuesday in a telephone interview he has been planning a return to boxing for about a year. The former heavyweight champ became a champion for the middle-aged when he became the oldest man to claim the heavyweight belt at the age of 45. Foreman has not fought in about seven years. "I have been working out. My goal is to get down to 225 pounds (102 kg)," Foreman said. Foreman said he began training on his 55th birthday on Jan. 10, 2004, and said he may have to cut out on his desserts in order to drop another 50 pounds (22.7 kg). "It is a time for everybody to stop being afraid of being 50 or 60. It's about time that people stopped being afraid of it,' Foreman said. He said that a lot of people he knows who are about the same age wait anxiously for the results of their yearly health examinations and do not see that they can be physically active and competitive. "People have to understand that it can be done," Foreman said. Foreman did not say if an opponent or a venue had been lined up, but when asked about where a bout may be fought, he replied that he has had a good time in London. Foreman reclaimed the heavyweight crown when he knocked out Michael Moorer in 1994. He retired after losing a decision against Shannon Briggs in 1997. Foreman has a record of 76 and 5, with 68 wins by knockout. Foreman is known these days for his work as a boxing analyst for cable TV's HBO and for his work as a salesman for a popular line of barbecue grills bearing his name. Foreman has recently been on TV in Texas to pitch his own line of clothes for big and tall men that is being sold at Casual Male Big & Tall stores. The Foreman line includes pants with expandable waistbands and shirt collars, as well as high tech fabrics that allow wearers to easily dissipate sweat. The fashion collection will be taken nationwide as Foreman joins a list of celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez with their own brand of clothes. "Mothers are going to love me because I am going to have affordable clothes for their big old 17-year-olds," he said.Source

don't agree with him

Not sure which is funnier - George for doing this or the fact that he can still likely hand 60% of the division their ass.

Heavyweight division is in such bad shape that Foreman could probably be a threat to most heavyweight fighters.

Domingo is very correct!

No, there's like 10 young guys with good skills and good records in the HW div at the moment, time should be spent developing those guys than old-school guys who have no future.

You are right, PRIDE & K-1 seems much less silly with its match ups.


Briggs/Foreman = Worst Decision Ever.

He should stick to selling grills and clothes to fat bastards.

why is this funny? Larry Holmes is fighting and winning right now, and he's 54

Holmes challenged Foreman. But he thinks Foreman won't fight him

i doubt he could become champ again....i like George but V Klitchko would be to quick for him and Chris Byrd would be to hard for him to hit....props for George to try fighting again....just watch some of his interviews after fights....he is very gracious....after he was clearly robbed by the judges in his loss to Shannon Briggs in 95 he was very gracious and did not say one bad thing about the judges or Briggs...

ttt for George

That fight was signed and ready to go about 5 years ago. It was cancelled about a week before the event because no one was buying the PPV.


"i doubt he could become champ again"

That's what they said before he fought Michael Moorer. George is always dangerous because he has heavy hands.

He was losing that entire fight and then one punch later and he's heavyweight champion.

Agreed - George has some of the heaviest hands of all time and heavyweights tend to drop their hands after a few rounds. If George comes in with some stamina, he'll always be a threat just because of his power alone.

I don't think he's a top 5 or 10 fighter, but he can very easily upset anyone. The heavyweight division isn't as weak as it has been in the past, but I wouldn't exactly call it really strong either.

Not sure how this got turned into some sort of boxing vs. K1 debate again, so I won't go there :)

Foreman Vs Tyson would probably sell big, but bett your ass Foreman is looking for a fght he thinks he can win for reputation, it's not like he needs the money.

Oh brother. Put him and Larry Holmes in the ring,let them fight each other,then retire them both for good.

Best of luck to George! As a fellow old guy (ok not that old, but still old) I hope he kick the shit out of some young punk!

So so tired of seeing Banks in everything and constantly over acting.  I guess she realized that her personality it all she has going for her but she doesn't realize it's annoying

Foreman will probably still be a top 20 boxer, possibly though unlikely a top 10. Still if he is just at that top 10 level he can win one of the various alphabet belts.

TRAINWRECK is correct !!!