LOL@Gilbert Arrenas and gold diggin cougars

"Attention old bitches 34 and up, don't bring your ass to All Star Weekend 2017," he begins. "Let these young hoes enjoy life. You old bitches had a chance when Shaq and Kobe were winning. Take your bitter ass on a Tom Joyner cruise. Leave NBA All Star weekend alone."

Not sure what a lot of this means, I may have to go back to college for a class in modern Ebonics(which is probably offered at most state schools these days)

"From 1983 and down ( it's OVER for you OLD THOTS)leave them young niggas alone....yo bae is probably one of those out of shape ESPN commentators, bankrupt or just joined that new half court league @thebig3 which they season starts in JUNE ?????? #StayWokeYoungGirls #allstarweekend2017 is y'all time"

Funny but Gilbert will be religated to 35 yo bitches soon.