lol! go chael

 --Chael Sonnen after last night's fight:  "there's people out there that need (to be) beaten up, and he's (Anderson Silva) one of them. And I have a moral obligation to society to beat him up."

Lol, he's funny. But I want to see him get rocked.


 this will end poorly for Chanel.

Go Chael!

but at the same time everyone said Nate would destroy Sonnen..

But when Sonnen comes out to that Brooks and Dunn song,it sounds so forced.

Only Hughes can pull off walking out to country.

Chael rocks.

he so funny. still, he's gonna get his face smashed into a juicy pulp

If only he could be as exciting inside the cage as out, and what kind of vicious gnp does he have if Nate did more damage from being on the bottom for 3 rounds? chael still needs to answer for why his gameplan is to lay in between another man's legs for as long as possible, never trying to pass his opponent's guard, since he thinks it is gay for a man to be in between another man's legs?

I can't believe I'm rooting for Sonnen in that matchup. Two weeks ago, I hated Sonnen and loved Anderson. Now it's completely reversed.

RyannVonDoom - 
RedCoat - I loved Chael but now the bandwagon is completely full, it's crowded, it's dark and it fucking stinks.

I wish you guys could go back to calling him an asshole so me and CRE had some room to breathe.
Been supporting him for years now. Basically everyone out of Team Quest I've supported with the exception being Randy. 


 Your anti-Randy pro team Quest agenda has been apparent for some time.

 Still pulling for Silva in this one.


 -UFC has now proposed an 8/7 date for Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen.  At this point, there's no other main event talked about for that date.  Sonnen is cutting promos everywhere.  "I guarantee you between now and Aug. 7, I'll get hurt, I'll get sick, I'm sure I'll get a staph infection that seems to be the new wave throughout MMA, `Oh, I have a staph infection, waaa,'  When my music hits those speakers on 8/7, I will make that walk," he said to  

shootfightermike -  ttt



 chael will make silva run!