LOL I just exchanged fisticuffs

So me and like my whole posse roll up to this party with our tapout
beanies. I'm like 260 pounds and have been training boxing on the
Nintendo Wii since it came out. There was this in-shape guy there that
seemed to be pretty popular; I was envious. So then he gets everyone
at the party to surround us and make fun of my titties until I cried and
told my girlfriend to shave her mustache. They told us to kill ourselves
and go home. But on the way out I keyed the side of the popular kids
Trans-Am. Yeah I totally kicked his ass!!!! LOL , douchebag deserved
what he got

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I had a fool key my trans-am once, I ate his liver with a nice Chianti and some Fava beans shortly afterwards. Then I sacrificed the remnants of his carcas to the sun god Ra.


Did the TRANS-AM have T-TOPS, if so then thats a cool story!