Lol @ intellegence of TUF Audience

Lol are subtitles really neccesary for when Pointon and Bisping speak? Since when is English a foreign language?

Some people just can't hear through accents and/or dialects,'s got nothing to do with intelligence, only experience/exposure to said speech patterns. My wife is an absolute genius (two college degrees on her way to a master's and an IQ of 155) and can't understand those wacky Limeys to save her life. LOL

i get a kick out of it..

I'm still learning to understand people with accents. Southerners for example, at least the English use words that can be found in the dictionary.

unless you sit there and really listen and sometimes watch what they say you cant understand them for shit. same thing when i go to Ireland.

I'm a brit and even i sometimes had difficulty understanding Pointon because he mumbles and slurs his speech at times. Also, i think they did it not only to help people understand wtf he's saying but also as a comedic element.

BTW, it's "intelligence" NOT "intellegence".

Thats a good point.

I live in australia and have zero trouble with accents.

I think it depends on exposure more than anything else.

The subtitles surpised me, as i thought it was a little patronising.

"BTW, it's "intelligence" NOT "intellegence"."


I thought they were from NEW England?