LOL @ Kung Fu man here in Cairo

One of the guys at our office here in Cairo is a kung fu teacher.

He found out that I train as well and asked what style I told him BJJ and he said "Yes I know this Jiujitsu I know how to defend against it"

Then went on to tell me how much he likes JKD as well and about how he once beat 40 karate guys for another school at one time. "I put my students behind me and told them to come on and fight, then I beat them all with only kicks to the groin and neck. After the teacher from the other school asked why I kick them in the groin and neck and I tell to him that if I am not kicking them there then I am killing them!"


double leg him to prove the power of the 3 stripe white belt.

one day one of these guys will be telling the truth.

Was working the heavy bags once and some fat guy was trying to correct my kicking techniques and told me he was an expert in Wing Chung and trained some K1. I didn't know what to say, so I just left. Thank god I was almost done when he came in.

LOL this guy is just funny he was telling me how he has developed a way to use his snake hand to escape when someone hase put your hand behind your back I didnt understand what he was saying so I asked him to show me, as he started to slide his hand out (I was not even trying to hold it he slid it right into a wrist lock. LOL

I just looked at him puzzeled, he then told me of course you would do this before they ever put your hand behind your back. Oh ok I said now I understand.

The guy is very soft as well I dont think he could last 2 min stamina wise in an actual fight or even in some vale tudo sparring.

Of COURSE i COULD BE WRONG HE COULD BE THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN IN cAIRO after all he did beat 40 karate guys.

king@queens = incorrect.

PBY is a high-level Purple last time I saw him, and may have the brown by now.

a good story i once heard on here was a 2-3 stripe white belt who met a kung fu guy who practiced some kind of tiger claw kung fu shit.

the white belt decided to have a little sparring match to prove the mighty power of bjj.

kung fu guy strikes some sort of crane pose and white belt shoots for a double leg-kung fu guy sprawls and whips round to take the back-sinks in the rnc and taps out the white belt.

turns out he was a purple just fucking with him.

I'm still waiting to pull this stunt on an unsuspecting newbie.

I know this topic has been discussed to death but I just thought I would give my thoughts this time.

I did kung fu for about 2 years before I saw the light. The school I trained at did lots of sparring which was one of the reasons I chose that school. I learned a few things and I guess my stand up improved marginally. Thing is, I found even as a new student I could hang with the higher belts just from being athletic and having some basic boxing skills. After I left and started training bjj, I would go back every now and then to spar with some friends I made at the kung fu school. After about only a month of bjj I was literally choking out all the high level belts at the kung fu school. I guess their "anti-grappling" was not as effective as I was told. I am not dissing kung fu as I appreciate all fighting styles but those sparring sessions really proved to me that I made the right decision leaving kung fu for the leisure martial artist....

Fight like an Egyptian.

Pull guard.


LOL @ fight like an Egyptian!