I’m seeing a pattern here.


And fat

Kari Lake was on and on about how “The Mama bears don’t want their children indoctrinated” “I’m just a mama bear that wants her kids community to be safe” “the mama bears are coming to vote” etc she said it so much, I liked it.

Daddy dearest is sucking it in big time and hates himself a little right there. MD is loving every second of emasculating everyone.

When they made that kid it must’ve looked like two quadruple amputee hippos wrestling in cheese whizz.

These people need to get off social media and start reading books that are challenging for them.

Hey! Not cool!


Mama Bear’s are usually just dorky white chicks that want to be a good mother, I dont see anything wrong with that.


Who doesn’t like big floppy tits?

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But Dr. Seuss is racist now

Simmer down midget