lol! martin talks salevery

on a ufc interview Terry Martin said that hes gona knock " Billie Jean" out. martin is callin Ivan Saleverry "billie Jean" cuzz he dances and blows kisses like a female after his wins. Funny shit!!!!

Damn, I wish either of you could spend two minutes sparring with Ivan.

he has a funny interview on full contact fighters radio show also.


I'd put money on Ivan winning in the first

I wouldn't. Terry is dangerous. He hits very hard and is actually probably a better grappler than some realize. I watched him go the distance with Monson at NAGA one year and it was a good match, with Monson beating him by only a few points. Terry has skills. He may never be the champ, but he'll always be a dangerous fight to take.

That comment isn't funny at all...war Ivan

I have a feeling Ivan is going to push his shit in.

And and by the way, I wasn't saying that Ivan won't win. I like the fact he is so well rounded and would really like to see him back in the mix at 185. I'm just saying that Terry is dangerous and I wouldn't either put money on this fight or take it lightly if I were Salaverry.

Salaverry by triangle choke, Rd. 1.

Martin rubs me the wrong way. After beating Rivers he starts talking title. Premature to say the least. Slavary by sub.

Martin is going to get his ass kicked by Billy Jean

I agree Ivan is more well-rounded, but this is a tough matchup for him. He can be taken down and outwrestled/muscled which is precisely what Terry will probably try to do. Still, I want Ivan to win and, when he's on, his guard is no joke.

CARD...that pic is awesome!

Billy Jean is gonna pick Martin apart.....Ivan ain't no joke folks

terry martin by knockout

nuff said


Ivan isn't taking this lightly. We are treating terry just as tough as any other opponent. He has good hands, great wrestling and is strong.

Should be a good fight.

Martin is one of the most underrated guys in the sport. Guy is seriously tough.

However I think Salaverry might be a little too much for him....not many people are going to be able to beat Salaverry at 185.