LOL @ MMAweekly Terrel news

"Terrell made his MMA debut against Vernon "Tiger" White and lost by a controversial decision. "

Dont get me wrong I like Terrel he is my top 5 favorite US Grapplers and Im very excited about him fighting in the ufc.....but damn what was controversial of him being clowned and spanked for a whole fight and never mounting any offense at all.....I dont think the fight would be the same now a days .....but Vern would still pull it out...........Vern gets no respect!

I do agree that Vernon get's no respect but that fight was, what...4 years ago? And it was Terrell's debut. Vernon was supposed to beat Terrell back then. At that time I'm sure all Terrell knew was wrestling and BJJ....and even then both of those skills weren't anywhere near what they are today. Now he's got good/improving stand up to add to his already incredible ground game. Vernon would beat any fighter at his weight that can only grapple, IMO.....unless you look back at his fight against Sakuraba.....but, that was Sakuraba and he doesn't count.... :-)

Terrel is awesome..that being sid he has improved for sure..however White won that fight convincingly

tanner: he lost to ze mario who was only a grappler at the time.

"tanner: he lost to ze mario who was only a grappler at the time."

Ok, you got me there....the only thing I can come back with is that Mario Sperry started doing BJJ at the age of sperm.

I'm not talking about his overall win/loss record or how many times he lost in Pancrase....I'm talking about him fighting one dimensional fighters....not ALL the guys who beat Vernon were one dimensional.

Damn, I'm trying to defend Terrell and Vernon at the same time.....this is not easy.

Plus, when Vernon was getting submitted a lot it was during the early 90's...the last time Vernon was submitted was in 1998..Pride 2 against Sakuraba.

It seems to me that Daves career is just now actually getting started while Vern's seems to be tapering off. I think that most of what Dave did prior to getting his blackbelt was just him getting his feet wet.

That said, Dave is fighting in the August UFC. Or so I've heard.

Mitch, supposidly against Matt Lindland.

bad match up for Mr.Lindland.

You think Lindland can go on the ground with Terrell?

I think Terrell's the better man there. GOOD FIGHT THOUGH!!!!!

Haven't seen the fight, but heard it was clear cut Tiger White. Looking foward to seeing Terrell in the octagon. Alot of people in the know say he is the fist of legend. His record in grappling speaks for itself.

1. It wasn't Terrell's first MMA match actually. He had a Pancrase style match in the same event that BJ Penn made his MMA debut match. Watch that match, along with BJ's match, Gil Castillo fighting on the same night and a bonus Cameron Earle MMA match along with commentary at Debut footage on 2. Terrell is my boy, but in no way was the decision to Vernon White controversial. Dave lost, hands down.3. Terrell and White had a submission grappling match not long afterwards, in which Terrell was completly dominant.4. Terrell has ALWAYS been highly skilled and an absolute animal. The ENORMOUS difference between Terrell now and then is his mindset. He's about the most focused and disciplined fighter out there, and lets NOTHING in the ring, on the mat, or in his life interfere with his goal of being recognized as a champion. He's going to make a HUGE impact on the 185 scene.

Nice post, Gumby.

Tiger dominated that fight, why the hell would mmaweekly try and say otherwise? Are they trolling or do they just not know what the hell they are talking about?

The loss wasn't controversial, Vernon holding on to the fence over and over again to avoid the takedowns was. Terrell had a major ear infection and had to wear headgear in the fight. The day after he had surgery and was told he almost lost his ear due to the severity of the infection. This wasn't Vernon's fault he did what he had to do and won the decision.

I believe what is being considered controversial is the fact that Dave had a day or two before the fight had undergone ear surgery and as a result wore headgear during the fight. I was not there but heard that Dave took an incredible amount of possibly illegal elbows as well.

Who cares

Put your money on Lindland please.

If he was in such bad shape, David shouldn't have fought Tiger. What mmaweekly did would be a lot like calling the Tito/Ken Shamrock fight "controversial" because Ken had injuries going in --one of which was so bad Ken couldn't even raise his leg to check kicks before the fight. I would laugh at anyone saying the Ken/Tito fight was controversial though.

1. the reporter used the word controversial as an editorial knee-jerk, it wasnt, bid deal.

2. Terrell probably shouldnt have taken the fight, given his physical state- he just looked flat, zapped of energy on heavy meds and a stitched up head. given that, he still hung in there and made it through, more than 90% of fighters and 100% of net geeks could do, so shut the fuck up.

3. Lindland will beat Terrell , standing or on the ground, I will bet $5K on Matt to take this one in round two. if you're smart, do the same!!!