lol, pleasant surprise for me!!!

Since I spent most of the afternoon and evening Saturday impatiently waiting for news on the Beltran front, I completely forgot to check the mailbox.

Then, since I slept off a hangover this morning (gotta love that Boone's Farm, lol), woke up, and watched football, I didn't remember that I was supposed to be getting a "special package" late this past week. Go to the mailbox after dinner, and lo and behold .............. what I am now referring to as "the Pettitte Jackpot" was waiting for me :)

I got an email Thursday from my clubhouse source saying that Pettitte couldn't find a few things he thought he had. Notably, the Backe, Everett, and Lidge signded balls, and his glove from this season. So it seems Andy decided to replace those items with things he thought I would like. He's a good guesser. Here's the pics:

Five game balls signed by Pettitte (top left), Bagwell (top right), Clemens (bottom left), and Berkman (bottom right). The one on the far right with all the writing on it is a ball from the Pirates game when Clemens passed Steve Carlton for #2 on the all-time strikeout list (4137). That ball replaces the Lidge, Everett, and Backe baseballs :)

To replace the glove he couldn't find, he sent me Jeff Bagwell's, along with a pair of Bagwell's batting gloves. If you look closely, you can see the large pad on the back of the left one; the surface is velcro, and a hard plastic plate goes over it. "Bags" is printed on each index finger.

Andy's cleats from this season. Notice the large rubber "pitcher's toe" on the left one (drag foot). Size 12, if anybody cares.

The bat should be getting here this week, it will look great with my others:

And even though I love all this new stuff and there's some really cool items, part of me wishes I still had that jersey to go with the others. It would have really tied the room together, IMO.


Sorry some of the pics are a bit blurry :( They looked great when I loaded them up on my computer, but didn't look as good after I hosted them.

Yeah, all that and 50 cents and you can get a cup of coffee.


thats friggin cool i'll give you 50 cents and a cup of coffee for the clemens strikeout ball!!!!!

That is cool that Andy came through for you like that. He must have really wanted that jersey back.

"Yeah, all that and 50 cents and you can get a cup of coffee."

One more comment like that and zero cents will get you a nice warm cup of SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

Hater :)

That's fuckin dope!!

I can't believe Floppy posted on this thread and missed the Lebowski reference.

You're slipping :(

Cool as hell. If I was into shit like that, I'd be jealous for sure.

I didn't miss it, I just got caught up admiring all the goodies.

Feast your eyes, PTA.............