LOL @ Rebiero

after that act, and the respect the canadien's fans showed the bruins and the us i see ribiero getting hurt very badly...


You're just as much a clown as every Bruin that went on tv and said he was putting on an act..


it was obvious, dude cross checked his arm downwards, Rebiero goes down in absolute pain.. trainer comes over, fucks with his shoulder, Rebiero gets back up without all the pain.... have you ever seen somebody seperate their shoulder?

He wasnt down in pain, he wasn down not moving PRETENDING to be out cold or dead. If you're in that much pain you dont lay down on the ice face first completely silent pretending to be unconscious. He was trying to get a penalty for playing up his injury, if infact he was injured. He should have gotten 2 for diving.

I don't know what was wrong with him... i just hope it was a legit injury.. i could careless if he looked like a moron thrashing around on the ice.. but the fact that he left his team done a man in the dying minutes of a one goal game.... if i where on that team and he was faking an injury i would be having a few words for him

They are saying a pinched nerver in the neck, i have had that before playing football in high school, and yes it did hurt like a bitch.. and i couuldn't feel much for a minute or two... so who knows maybe it was legit... we will see if he plays tomorrow night.... i know i didn't play for awhile after

I heard them say it was a pinched nerve too.. either way I don't think he was faking.. even when he gets up and waves to the bench calling them on you can tell he's nursing his shoulder area by keeping his elbow tight to his side not to move the upper area.

lol @ that being a real injury.

Writhing and flopping around? He was supposed to be in great pain, so much pain that it hurt to even move it? yet, it didn't hurt so much that he could flop all over?

Please. Thats one little bitch right there.


he might be hurt, but there is a reason why he didnt show up to see the press in the morning....

he acted like a fool and then after all that taunted the other team from the which was it, was he hurt or acting?

His dad was a soccer player

Did anyone see cherry compare him to that soccer player who got hit in the leg with the ball and dropped to the ground holding his face adn crying

That little bitch just scored a fluke goal. I cant believe it. Yeah, he must have really been injured if he came out, scored a goal and took a shot right after but went to the bench just fine. Goddamn he looks gay as fuck. At least he's playing in the right city though.

someone has got to beat his head in.


that gay soccer song is perfect for you montreal fans.