LOL....Serra just called Hughes

A dick on TV. Thats funny.

Talented Dick


NY/NJ guido vs. Farmboy

i'll be rooting for Serra

He looks like the guy Whos' Arms Exploded. Whoever he was. (the face. not the arms)

He's going to get fucked up by Hughes.

May as well live it up now.

LMAO! Even if Hughes wins the fight,Serra called him a dick on national television. That's kinda funny.

Hughes will massacre him.

funny how Serra can be openly disrespectful to Hughes and everyone loves it.  Hughes has said nothing in return but he is still the dick.  Sounds like Serra has a serious case of "Little Man" Syndrome.  I really liked Serra after the season of TUF but now he is comming of as the stereotypical guido.

Serra will go down as a great coach of TUF

matt hughes is a .......

and Serra is right, Hughes only way of beating Serra is a lay and pray of 5 rounds. really fuckin sucks Hughes is in this position. Most overrrated fighter of all time. Not seen a guy get more lucky with his title defenses than him.