LOL @ Shaq!!! What an idiot!!!!

"O'Neal also got just one shot in the first half, but he played just 12 minutes after two early offensive fouls. He finished with 10 points and five rebounds -- but he saved his best performance for the locker room, where he ripped the Kings as underachievers,'' castigated the officials and again cursed on live television.We let (the referees) take us out of our game, but I'm still not impressed,'' O'Neal said. I think today it was a little bit obvious that (the referees) tried to take over the game. They changed the game. I wanted to come in here, play real hard, get that big guy in foul trouble, make them play defense.It's obvious they're never going to play defense when all they have to do is foul. ... Not impressed, not impressed. Not (expletive) impressed, you know what I mean?''" imo The guy gets away with his fair share of crap so he really has no room to talk. I hope he gets another one game suspension for swearing on tv again. :)Here's the link, there's more interesting stuff, like discussion on Kobe only taking that one shot in the first half. :);_ylc=X3oDMTBpYTg2ZTBwBF9TAzk1ODYxOTQ4BHNlYwN0bQ--?gid=2004041123

lol, if anything he should have said he wasn't impressed with how Kobe "played". Anyone else kinda skeptical about Kobe's performance tonight?? You'd think that at this point in his career and in a game this important to their positioning he wouldn't be trying to make any statements by not giving it his all.

Well until late in the third he hadn't shown me shit. If he was really making a statement to the recent criticisms of his coach during a game this important then I don't think he has ANY plans of coming back to L.A next year. And I'm not saying that in a way to be like, "Oh, haha, you guys won't have Kobe next year!!", I mean it in the sense that he doesn't give a fuck about L.A. anymore and is ready to do the T-Mac thing.

If he leaves I think L.A. will be just fine without him.

But aside from that, did any of you guys think he was trying to make a statement to his coaches about their recent criticisms of him driving to the hole too much??

No..but he could be in New York Next year.

"If he leaves I think L.A. will be just fine without him."

If by just fine you mean they wont win another title, then you are correct. Also, Shaq is big dumb animal and I want him to get injured, seriously.

They took both Kobe and Shaq out of their game. Payton was able to score thru the cuts though. Great job by Sac.

They took both Kobe and Shaq out of their game. Payton was able to score thru the cuts though. Great job by Sac.

Hopefully, the Big Retard will injure his toe again.

lol, while sticking it in his mouth as usual.

The Big Pottymouth got suspended for a game earlier this season for the same thing, what are they gonna do this time?? It's not really a "repeat offense", IMO, I think the suspension was driven partly by the fact that he was talking about the referees when he cursed.

I think he might get another game........dumbass

Yeah, he didn't swear when he was talking about the refs this time, but he still criticized them and later swore on the air. SUSPEND HIM NOW!!!!! ;)

shaq should be pissed.

Shaq is a jackass. He makes it difficult for me to be a Lakers fan.

"shaq should be pissed."

Yeah, at himself. lol

Shaq is the reason I hate the Lakers.

The rest of the team is a'ight though.