LOL @ Sheffield

Mr. Congeniality has once again put his foot in his fat fucking mouth, this time implying that Roger Clemens's success is due to steroid use.

Might want to work on getting your own name clean before you try to drag someone else's reputation through the mud, shooter.

I just saw his comments tonight on sportscenter "I can tell you one thing, and I'm not accusing him of anything, but I betcha he's not just drinking soda water ... and that's what I got a problem with."

Sheffield is a putz

I like how he mentions people shouldn't speculate about steriods without proof, and then he goes on to insinuate that Clemens is on the juice. Nice double standard Sheff.

lol, the moment I caught that comment on espn I just about laughed to death at the stupidity of it.

This thread is really funny five months later, knowing what we know now :)