LOL! So who has snagged M$ source

If you know C, and you learn Java, you'll figure out C++. I believe in you man, you can do it! :-)

thanks man. :)

I give MS a lot of shit, but one thing I do admire about them is that they, and most Windows developers, are eminently practical.

you don't get religious arguments like vi vs. emacs vs KDE vs GNOME vs sendmail vs postfix/qmail/exim, etc...

That's funny. But what you do get instead is everyone thinking they are enterprise architects and you start getting arguments between passing custom objects, DataSet, XML docs through middle tiers...nobody's wrong...everyone's Data Access Layer (DAL) design is perfect, etc. :-)

Don't even get me started on the design pattern freaks. Uhg.

Ask for a large peperoni w/ sausage

"Microsoft warns, dont download our stolen code

It breaches our copyright

By INQUIRER staff: Thursday 19 February 2004, 02:58

THE VOLE has sent out stiff letters to people who downloaded chunks of its code for Windows 2000 from various sites last week.
Its not clear how many people downloaded the code, nor is it immediately evident how Microsoft discovered who to send the warning letters to.

The firm has also put notices on file sharing sites repeating the warning not to download the code, according to Dow Jones.

Microsoft apparently said in the letters that the act of downloading the code breached its copyright.

The trouble is that once the cat is out of the bag, in the age of the Internet the Vole can effectively do little to put the genie, or cat, back in the bottle or in the bag."