LOL@ Story about Igor

i bought 'Brawl' at borders a couple days ago and i was flipping through it and i came across this story about igor.

"Vov grew up in a small village. Although his early youth was relatively uneventful, during his late teens he developed an insatiable appetite for brawling. As Vov grew older, his agressive streake prompted the villagers to hang a metal rail from a tree in the center of the town; whever young Igor would fly into one of his rages, someone would bang on the rail. Hearing the alarm, the villagers would drop what they were doing, hurry home, lock their doors, and remain inside until they hot-headed teen cooled down and it was once again safe to venture outside".

lol, i just picture a bunch of people running through the streets like an old godzilla movie saying "Igor is coming! Run, Igor is coming"

*LMFAO* Somehow I doubt this is true, but still funny as fuck.


i'd take it with a grain of salt, sounds like something made up for the japanese press

Pride told the japanese fans that Rampage was homeless and his only friends were a flock of pigeons. Rampage said after his fight with Saku the japanese fans kept asking Saku if what rampage smelled like. Saku just said "Like a normal person".

If anybody knows more story lines for fighters in pride please post them.

Lucky Igor didn't try that shit in Mirko's small village. Crazy ass Slavics. (are russians and croats slavic?

"im sure there were some big assed guys in his village who would fuck him up "

yea, big guys like paul varlens...

meatheads... they are both slavs. russia and croats

That story is hard to believe but Igor said it himself. You would think there would be at least one guy in the village who would get a big stick out and whip the fuck out of Igor.

*still engineers the Igor bandwagon*

my name is ivan nikoloff, i grew up in this village they are talking about. i wanted to clear up some discrepancies in this rumor. for one it was a gong and not a metal rail. number two it was not his late teens it was just before his puberty.

Kharkov. It's not a village though, it's a second largest city in Ukraine.

Gong was only used when Igor was near, ussually they've announced his sighting over Radio.

"DId no one own a baseball bat or a gun in that town? Sounds like BS, or maybe he was the only one with guts in his entire town"

Are u really gonna shoot a teenager because hes pissed off? Better to just lock yourself up




those live at his next fight have to show up with gongs, I could see this happening at Pride, hundreds of japanese Igor fans gonging his entrance...

hahaha funny story, igor is the man, highly doubt it's true

ttt for igor

What a crappy story. Anybody that believes it can email me, I have something to sell them...