LOL strange apperances

Was at my mom's for Christmas, and for whatever reason the TV was on Nick. There was some show, and it seems that Bubba Ray Dudley has a recurring role on it. They had back-2-back episodes and Kimbo Slice played a prisoner in jail in the next one. The volume was down, so i don't know what was said, but it looked like some frilly comedy shit.

yeah, wasn't the usual chicky show. looked like four or five young dudes were the main stars.

LOL at fat ass. I take it your not a fan? I actually like Brother Ray. Do you know his father-in-law? You work for TNA, right?

I heard they weren't really tight IRL. Bubba was sorta racist?

Any of that true?

Cool. Get me out of the snow. I imagine all them ECdub guys are like a tight knit gang/family when it comes to one being dissed.

I think Shane would be a good fit, but not so sure about Matt. Looks like he's gone off of the deep end. And dragging everyone else down with him.

Oh, and i sent you a PM.

alright, gimmee a min

ok, e-mail sent

I think it's 'Drake and Josh', I saw Kimbo in jail with one of the main characters (I have 2 little kids)

stickerking - thanks man ill check soon assuming i can even remeber the password(i drink quite a bit)


Oh snap stickerking, i guess you werent bs'ing in thst other thread about being in the biz. Psssst, i dont really subscribe to that dudes newsletter. I cant send pm's cause i only use the mobile app but id like to apologize, i think we got off on the wrong foot in the tom lawlor thread. Phone Post

No prob.