in a bottle that looks like a pint of booze!!!!!!

no wonder rich wouldnt drink it!

remember the hoopla over the bottle anderson silva was drinking out of? i guess it was a similar. was it tapout water? i doubt it. i think that tapout tries to hard. like, yeah booze is cool in the ring. how about NO. they need to settle down a little and i bet they would have a whole new demegraphic (spelling)

it a great style of doing water under their brand.  very cool

the real question is who do they expect to buy that? Latinos with tats who want to drink water but want people to think that they're drinking booze bad enough to pay extra for their water?

it doesn't make any sense

I don't blame Rich. No place for a that water bottle in the UFC. Send the wrong message.

LOL@ the lame excuse Rich gave to them when they asked him why he wasnt drinking it.

someone else posted it was a buck a bottle

i would buy it

"It wasn't Rich's excuse, it's called NSAC regulations."

I have seen plenty of caps that werent white.

i m a bit curious who buys it though, dont imagine its really any different than other bottled waters

isn't it oxygenated or soemthing

yeah..  excellent...  try drinking it in your car and not getting pulled over....

TapouT makes money and that is all that matters to them I am sure

all water is oxyginated It is a ploy likened to candy cigarettes.

water in a JD bottle.Tapout should just go away and die

No disrespect to the only true fighter and guy that is good for the sport Mike Guyman.

Gladd he left them!

Tapout equals Gay Suburban Wigger IMO.

$2 a bottle

Those guys are so pathetic. I hate everything about them.

LOL Everybody can hate all they want!!!! Tapout makes some of the best gear in the sport, sells tons of merch, helps promotions, fighters, and the sport!

They have a Cali image, but at least they are real, they don't hide anything and don't pretend to be anything they are not!!!


i think those bottles are hilarious.

those dudes are cheesy but the bottom line is they've been promoting the sport and fighters way longer than Xyience, Sprawl, Warrior, etc.

Good luck to them

"They do not need the advice of internet fags or, for that matter, Rich Franklin."

Ummmm yeah they do. Unless they are counting on selling their product to real life fags and wannabee wigger Limp Bizkit fans...............oh wait a minute.