lol @ the butt hurt Mayhem fans

First of all, sucks to be you. I bet you guys got all worked up with the big W against Sakaraba. <br /><br />Its hilarious to see the monkeys come out of the woodwork since Diaz, STRIKEFORCE CHAMP has just signed a extended deal with them, for sure making more than anything DFW is going to pay Mayhem. Apparently this pisses them off so bad they have to hop on the board and call Diaz a scared bitch whos afraid to face real competition (knowing damn well Diaz would slap your face like a female getting out of line if you ever didnt give him his respect) <br /><br />Miller will forever be a B level gatekepper. A solid stepping stone win for great up and comers. And dont let him fool you, Diaz and aint scared. Miller is more than welcome at the Gracie Fighter facility to get handeled up on by Diaz, but thats for free, and he needs to get paid if he going to recieve those type of injuries. <br /><br />No surprise hes into calling out the lighter fighters, since he had so much success beating up his ex girlfriend. Keep it up bully beatdown.

Diaz really shouldn't be ducking Mayhem.  Doesn't look good.


Lol at this thread Phone Post

 An excellent topic!  One I had hoped would be discussed for quite some time!

Considering the Mayhem tools have to hop on every thread with Diaz name it with their stupid "DONT BE SCARED HOMIE" shit this thread is appropriate.

 These two should get it on already.

if mayhem has any fans, it'd be a stretch to say you could hurt thier butts

UpWithEvil - Diaz really shouldn't be ducking Mayhem.  Doesn't look good.