lol @ the Dana's reaction!!!

Rogan must think to himself,

'oh fuck...'

Whenever a fighter grabs and controls the mic!

The man smiles his mouth and not with his eyes when stuff like this goes down.

uhh i missed the reaction

you gotta pan to the right of the screen.

"Nate is a dick and a future punching bag for real fighters "

sure skippy

" what would Dana even be upset about?"

Oh I don't know.

Maybe it's just me. I found it kinda amusing.

"not only did Dana not "react" but Nate says "the ufc was respectful and got him in" what would Dana even be upset about? "

How convenient that you missed the part where he said

"I wish we could work something out where they show him more respect in the future".

LMAO! Selective quotation at it's best. Pathetic.

Man, Dana was pissed. Look at him talking to Nate and shaking his hand and giving him a hug. That was probably the last time we see Nate in the UFC.

Stupid thread.

bad thread

Actually, I was referring to the part about Nate's comments on what TUF was like. To me, it just looked like Dana wasn't thrilled about it. But, both Diaz brothers tell it like it is!


nap time?

Dana's not thrilled because his new "ultimate fighter" just won by smashing his face into Manny's fist.

You don't want to build up a fighter who looks like he lost the fight.

Here. For those that thought the vid sucked. Maybe this can salvage the thread somewhat and keep it from being a complete utter failure.

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Who's That ?

This my friend is Ms. Jaime Koeppe.

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I think the Diaz brothers are psychotic.

First of all Rob, good thread. Don't let these guys make u think otherwise. I said "Oh Sh*t!" when I heard Nate say that and I veered off to Dana right away.

Man, that first girl was hot...I'm agreeing w/ ur thread and taste in women.

Thanks man. I knew some people would like it, and some wouldn't. Pretty much as always with every thread on here. Just alittle something different from all the UG vs UG member fight threads you know. I'm glad some of you thought the vid was interesting or whatever, and I'm pretty sure everybody liked the pics of the girls!