How embarrassing....To be spoiled by the Arizona Cardinals

Did you see the end? I think that last catch was a BS call.

It might have been, but it should have never come down to that...Actually I hate the Packers, but to loose to the Cardinals is sad

As a Vikings fan, my only solace is that they pimpslapped the 49ers :)

i am so pissed....

eric - I didn't know you were a Vikings fan. Damn, Man. Sorry.

The catch was good. Don't be a bitch.

I don't know when the last time this happened was, but the Vikings lost to 4 different teams that won only 4 games a piece this year - Raiders, Cardinals, Giants & Chargers. They lost to the 4 worst teams in the league.

Quit bitching and win a game when it counts.

Raiders, Cardinals, Giants & Chargers... and they kick the shit out of KC

Nah, I'm not really too mad about the last play. I'm a little pissed about the entire first half and the play calling. And this isn't the first time they lost to the worst teams in the league. A couple of years ago, two teams won only once (Carolina and somebody else, maybe Buffalo?), each against the Vikes.

Minnesota's ability to play up/down to their opponents is going to be legendary soon. They MAIM Denver, KC, and Seattle, all playoff teams. They beat Green Bay at Lambeau. And lose to the four worst teams in the league. Go figure.

Thats bad Coaching IMO

(Moss is a bitch (with LOTS of talent - too bad he can't be consistent). )

Moss is the best big play receiver in the game.

I agree, shadetree, it's bad coaching, from the playcalling standpoint.

But if you're getting paid the kind of money these guys are, you shouldn't need to be told by your coach that you need to be ready to play.

Yeah,the only Problem I have with Moss is his physical toughness..He needs some more meat on those bones, for plays over the middle.