lol @ this ebay (guitar) auction!

This guy has waaaay too much time on his hands. Maybe this was his creative writing assignment in highschool or here

Haha, that is some brilliant writing, I only wish he had some bids to make me laugh harder. Funny shit!


The highlight of Jimmy's Wouldstock performance was playing an instrumental version of "God Save the Queen" using THIS GUITAR!!!!! When he walked off stage, he gave this guitar to me and said "take good care of this, kid." He also signed the guitar "Jimmy Hendricks, Wouldstock '85" and drew what looks like a little bunny, but it might be a pirate or a turtle, Jimmy was trying to get into art school back then. It's sort of hard to see because he signed it with a black sharpie, but it's there, you just have to look under the right light at the right angle. Don't think this is where the story ends because this is just where it begins.


Everyone who's ever touched it has ended up dead (I'm dead as I write this.)

wouldstock - lOL

that would be woodstock

Did the dude just call B.B. King a fat-Jimi 'Hendricks'???

signed the guitar "Jimmy Hendricks, Wouldstock '85"



"Jimmy leading the crowd at Wouldstock in "don't trust whitey!!!"

That was funny as hell! You know that guy wasn't serious don't you?

That was an American made strat for a damn good price! Had I seen that auction, I would have bought it!

Brian, the "creative writing" part of my post insinuated the knowledge of sarcasm?