LOL @ this fake fighter i talked to today

 his name is Lewis Holman. i'll put him on blast because he deserves it. he's a customer of the company i work for... and basically during my dealing with him, he told me he was in a hurry- he had to catch a plane to Vegas.

while chatting it up i asked if it was business or pleasure...

he tells me that he fighting in a "UFC UNLEASHED TOURNAMENT".

he was dead serious.

obviously such a tourney doesnt exist... so i googled Lewis Holman. Nothing.

poor guy... why must you lie to another man about being a fighter?... it's so cockfaggoty.

 Say it to his face!

chillin- I hear ya, but he did say he was fighting.. now piecing it together, it's even funnier.. he used the video game name as the event. Phone Post

Ha. Some kid on the quest for gaming stardom is gonna get the ug mob sent after him. He didn't say he's a blackbelt. Come on meow. Phone Post

Maybe its a Lan party....but I couldn't find any reported for Vegas.

Maybe its a small lan party, or a single store (like some random gamestop or something)

Maybe David Lang served his 2 tours in Afghanistan on Call of Duty: Black Ops

 UFC undisputed is the game, I believe...unleashed is the name of the show on Spike with past fights on it

 I was at Freebirds burritos last year and this chick friend of mine got hit on by a guy trying to pass himself off as Urijah Faber. 

lol- crazygrimreaper, we spoke over the phone.. not in person... otherwise he would've seen my tribal tats and dragon jeans with the HITMAN tee I wear to business lunches. Phone Post

Chillin - UFC unleashed is a video game, its possible he was talking about an xbox tournament, maybe even a promotional one that UFC puts on in Vegas to try and boost sales or some shit.

Probably a lying faggot though.

It's called Undisputed..not Unleashed

in retrospect I should've asked him details and sounded interested... but I hate liars. Phone Post

BiggestIdiotEver- did he have massive ass chin?.. Phone Post

Unleashed is the show not the game so he is just another lying faggot

CapnsavemIsDead -  BiggestIdiotEver- did he have massive ass chin?.. Phone Post

 he had no ass chin.  Also keep in mind that this burrito place was in Dallas and took place the same day that faber was supposed to be fighting Jose Aldo. 

 This could be a sick reverse troll whereby you just insulted a professional video game player whos so high level he flys to Vegas to play video games.

Maybe he only fights in events that will be televised later as part of UFC's Unleashed shows.

PrettyBoy -  Say it to his face!

 You be hatin cuz he be fo realz.

LOL. Phone Post

 On second thought, you should have told him "It's cool brah, I trane Strikeforce."