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Source – A heavily-tattooed fugitive in New Hampshire has caused a stir after he commented on his own wanted poster one Facebook to correct that record. Nicholas Emond, 27, has U.S. Marshals searching for him – but he wanted to correct the record: He claimed he was neither armed nor dangerous, as authorities claimed. The brazen fugitive, who is wanted for violating his parole, remains at large. He was previously convicted of being a felon in possession of a weapon. Emond posted to WMUR-TV’s Facebook under the username ‘Sin Demon’ to defend himself and claim he was not a danger to the public after he was named by the New Hampshire Joint Fugitive Task Force’s top suspect for ‘Most Wanted Wednesday.’Emond claims U.S. Marshals shouldn’t bother with him, though. ’I'm terrified this all because after the us government came in and tore my life apart for BS and released me… I’m not armed and certainly not dangerous u all,’ he wrote. He adds: ‘I am far from an angel but I am even further from the dangerous criminal they’ve made me out to be.’

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