LOL @ this: MassDestructionResults


"As round 2 begins, both fighters clinch again, and Dunn gets some space and lands nasty punches. Hicks rushes him again, and attempts the same throw he landed before Dunn defends and tries a throw of his own both scramble, and Dunn ends up on his back again, quickly securing the triangle Hicks gouges Dunns eyes AGAIN, and the ref disqualifies Hicks, who makes an obscene gesture at Dunns corner, and the crowd that boos him. You can only hope someone chokes him next time until he shits his pants. "

is this the same "Bushido Zen" guy who was disqualified in his first appearance at Mass Destruction? i missed this weekend's show, but when this guy fought before it was one of the funniest thing's i've seen. windmilling arms, and loser attitude. i'm disappointed that i missed a chance to see James beat on him.

this is the same guy. he has now been dq'ed from two straight shows....

this kid is a joke.

biggie does have such a way with words doesn't he?

Biggie has a way with words... and its only going to get better as time progresses.

Bushido kid deserves everything he gets... and I really mean that.