LOL @ this shirt

Is that even legal?

I like this shirt better


speaking of OMA(tm)

is he still banned?

i say free him already...jesus the guy is pure entertainment with you bro...where can i get me 1 of those shirts

Showdown went out of business about a year ago. Alas, my artifact is one of the few remainging.


what are your thoughts on dan black?

I stay out of Dan Black affairs

MMeh.. awesome.

Christ puncher, I just added you..thats crazy

OMA is indeed very real

Mike, Beau (OMA) is the most dynamic person you could ever meet! I beat Sakurai and took thrid at ADCC and when I go to fights he is all the talk about to me :( He is a really cool funny guy. Ask other people that have met him. Plus he isnt a jackass on here, he is joking its an internet are a jackass if you didnt get that till now

LOL yes hes tapped me afew times the last being about 1 1/2 years ago but I try to get payback everytime we roll now!