LOL @ TNA wrestling


Annoucncers caught reading scripts. what a joke.

LOL @ TNA and the whole "give them time"


The more time given to them just further proves how bad they suck.  WWE needs competition, but it won't be from that company.

Such a shame for the talent they have being wasted on such a horrible company Phone Post

it really is sad, TNA around 2005 was as good as any promotion in IMO.


all hogan did was create WCW version 2.0

just turned it over to TNA and Mr. Asshole has joined Aces & Eights.. he had two girls sitting on each side of him and one of them was stroking a beer bottle he had between his legs in a sexual manner..

haha.. damn..

The Stinger is coming back tonight supposedly.. Phone Post

TNA is a stain on the careers of Angle, Joe, and Morgan. I wish they'd bail and show up ringside on Monday. Phone Post

Hardcore meat curtains & Assmacher defeated Tara & Gail kim in somewhat decent match.

Up next: Steel Cage Tag Match with Aces & Eights v Angle & Samoa Joe.. Phone Post

Do the really have holes cut into the cage to get clear shots for the camera man? Phone Post

Mike Knox just unmasked as Aces & Eights member.. Phone Post

Omg! MIKE KNOX! I cant believe it. GAME CHANGER!!!!! the masked man was Mike Knox! Taz knows him from WWE! Mike Knox!!! Phone Post

That Mike Knox thing is an example of what drives me nuts with them.

Why can't they realize after all these years (at least going back to when Christian debuted) that every time they reference WWE and the person's accomplishments there, it DE-VALUES their product immeasurably?

The way they present these things basically acknowledges that they're second rate and nothing more than a minor league compared to WWE.

Always been one of my biggest annoyances with them. Why do they think so lowly of their own product?

Five years ago, the whole "give them time" and "they're still growing" stuff applied. Five years later, they're still making the exact same stupid mistakes.

....I can almost guarantee that if you search back to this forum five years ago, I was probably saying the exact same thing.

I don't hate TNA and I'm glad they're still in business and want them to continue to grow, but IMO they've hit their ceiling. The only WWE magic can be created (and at times, re-created), is in WWE. It doesn't matter what bits and pieces you bring over, because they're still not bigger than the sum of the whole, which is WWE as a company (talent, production, history, brand, etc.).

TNA is a decent company that works hard (not necessarily smart), treats their fans well, has a spot on a national network and seems to be well-regarded within the industry as a decent place to work, which are all admirable qualities, but they're just never going to go a whole lot further than that.

As fans, it's time to be accepting of that fact and to be okay with it, IMO.