LOL @ Tonight's TUF

First, it sucks ass that we didn't get a fight.

Second, WTF is up with Noah walking out like that. What a bitch. He walks out on the chance of a lifetime to try and patch things up with some sorry ho that he's known for 6 months. What a dumbass.

Third, The look on Ken Shamrock's face was priceless when Dana said that somebody was coming back. I laughed my ass off when he did that.

Fourth, WTF is up with Matt being treated like a King just because he got rocked a couple of times in practice. Is he really Tito's favorite that much that he can lay around in bed while everybody is training and have sandwiches and drinks brought to him upon his request?

I would like to see if editing had something to do with that process.  Matt is a tough MF, but I could see that getting rocked could bring some reality into his world.  Miletich once told me that he hates having to teach wrestlers how to box.

Noah if a fucking hero. The hell with you guys making fun of him.

but... he... loves her!!! why are you such a heartless bastard?????!!!!

Said it before, and I'll say it again...

It must suck to not be truly passionate about anything in your life.

No shame in being a lover rather than a fighter, and the lover still whooped Jesse's ass.

"No shame in being a lover rather than a fighter, and the lover still whooped Jesse's ass. "

the shame is pretending to be a fighter when you are not.

I'm willing to bet this TUF Ratings will hit a all time low for this episode. Weak!

Seeing Matt get brought down a level was worth seeing at least. The rest was horrible.

If Jesse does come back, he probably lost all confidence in himself after losing to someone who is so whipped.

Jessie doesnt deserve another chance.....

"He should sit around and just love things all day instead of fighting because God knows that he's already shown this new girlfriend that if she ever gets upset then the world stops, and his dreams are put on hold."


I bet they didn't show the fight because they wanted to prolong Tait's stay on the show because he's Eddie's boy.

I am betting good money on forum member Josh "Bring the Pain" Haynes! He's always been one of my favorite Oregon fighters he's tough and he fights smart.

I guess Noah showed just how much being a professional fighter in the UFC means to him and how much of a pussy whipped bitch he really is. If he would walk out in the chance of a lifetime for some chick he's known for 6 months, he doesn't deserve to be there. Like Tito said, if you're not willing to sacrifice, you'll never be a world champion.

I guess he showed who wears the pants in his relationship if he'd run off like that. Pathetic IMO.

Major disappointment = NO FIGHTS...
Noah must have really cheated on her else why the need to rush back. If it werent true then he would have remained.... Fights should start to get better with the best of them left now....

rushinbear: my thoughts exactly. He's gotta run and do damage control because he's a guilty, pussy whipped bitch.

Besides, if he got the contract, the wench would've have taken him back to be on the gravy train anyway.

Who do you guys think the replacement will be anyway? Do you think they'll bring back the guy from Team Ortiz that got eliminated or one of the Shamrock Guys?

That was the worst episode yet! Noah is a total idiot to turn down what he had for some girl. A week from now if she hasn't already dumped him she will when they can't walk the streets without someone laughing at them or calling him a beeeotch. Then they spend 65% of the show on Matt. Enough is enough. Okay he is deaf and I'm sure a great wrestler but enough is enough. Lets move on. If they had of cut short some of the "Matt Show" we might have actually got to see a fight. This is the Ultimate "FIGHTER" isn't it?

first off my bet is they werent even dating 6 months More like 6 weeks If that.Worst TUF show eva

I want to see the reaction of the people he trains with. He's going to be in for some SERIOUS ass whoopins when he gets back to the gym.

No shame in being a lover rather than a fighter

What he did has nothing to do with love. If he loved his girl he would have won the entire show and dedicate it to her.

LOL @ runninghome just to say "I didn't cheat on you". Him staying away longer from her would have tested the relationship and their love would have grown.

Dumbass fucked up