LOL @ TravelGround logo

Been having some computer trouble so I just got back here and noticed each forum got its own logo. I could barely contain myself as I realized that they used a drawing of tristar for the TG picture.

Notice the effeminate, shameful look on his face. Like he did something filthy during his trip and he prays no one finds out about it.

He is giving a thumbs up as if to try and convince himself that everything is ok...but it's not ok. Pretending you are a travel afficionado is not a laughing matter.

A second interpretation could be that he is hitch-hiking. Having dressed up to fufill a kung fu fantasy of a potential "john" that should venture his way.

For shame, tristar.

shit man, you still here?

don't mind his rambling folks, these trailer park types are known to pound back the booze!

As opposed to your 500 dollar a day coke habit!?

Yeah tristar, it's a huge coincidence that your last 5 trips have been




Thailand(child sex trade)

France(anti-American doings)


That last post actually made me laugh.

Axl_Rose, don't encourage this guy, it's best to just ignore him

The one who deserves to be ignored is the phoney king of travel. Garrulous tristar.