Go to the "De La Hoya does 2.1 mil" thread and check out all the cry baby haters choking on the crow they are eating! I should of bought stock in tissue this week! Like I said on that thread, MMA couldn't get those numbers if Dana was fighting Tito with chain saws in roller skates.... Stop the hate and enjoy both sportS

I suspect the UFC organization wont be around in 100 years my friend., are we supposed to be happy that MMA isn't pulling those numbers?

You do realize this is an MMA forum, right?

and i WILL take a SN bet on that

Its UG boxing Haters that caused that karma. If people just enjoyed both sport for what they are the UG world would be a better place.

LOL at taking a SN bet on something to be determined 100 years from now!

By then most of us will be living on Mars and communicating telepathically.  UFC 10245 War of the Worlds!!!

Actually it was PBF running his big mouth before the fight creating hype that started the drama.

I don't think anyone denied this fight would be huge, they just said boxing won't be able to put on a fight that will draw these kind of numbers again

Thankful1.. I've seen plenty of anti-boxing stuff on this site in the past. And even if that's true people shouldn't let one guy shape your opinion on another kind of combat sport that could be an friend to ours.

"LOL at taking a SN bet on something to be determined 100 years from now!"

No Fing way! Its a joke dude. LOL.

now this is what I call funny :) he was talking about Nick Diaz...

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He is my favorite tuf fighter and more importantly he COMES TO WIN!!!!!

I stand by that. He has a great attitude on that show. He keeps to himself and fights hard.. ??? Your point??

^^ lol ultimate noob post there.

^^^ I think that term gets thrown around a lot when people have no reply. Sad.

^please continue. Don't let them bother you...

You realize Nick and Nate are two different guys right?

kicksubsuplex - I figured it was.  =)     I'll take that bet!!!

newbluebelt - there are a lot of boxing fans on here.  People are passionate about their sports, and it's a good thing mostly.  

But athletes who run their mouths in public should back it up.  PBF was representing boxing, and pulled quite the dicktuck.  Maybe all he was doing all along was trying to get himself some publicity because more people know who Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell are than PBF.

If Cintron is serious, he should ask for a reasonable amount of $$ (is it really worth millions to the UFC to bring him in so Dana can prove a point about MMA fighters being better?).

Sorry, I read it wrong. But I do like both brothers. I thought nick already had his black. My bad. Now back to my dominance..

"people shouldn't let one guy shape your opinion on another kind of combat sport"

What are you referring to?

Comments that boxers are no longer the best fighters, but that MMA competitors are? This is true.

That boxing popularity is on the decline? This is true.

That MMA popularity is increasing at a fast pace? This is true.

That Mayweather is a moron for criticising the UFC, saying that "it ain't $hit" and apologizing for it?

Also true.

Thankful1... I agree, and yes, if Cintron want to fight he should not price himself out of it. PBF doesn't speak for boxing. Look at Hopkins, he said he wouldn't want anything to do with a MMA fight via certain damage.