Tenchu... They are two different sports, apples and oranges. The truth is the numbers speak for themselves. Proofs in the pudding ect.

Thankful I know what you mean but thats the way PBF fights, or maybe boxes is a better word. But seriously the point of boxing is to win under the RULES of boxing not show a certain amount of aggression etc.... so I do know what you mean but boxing is no longer about just hurting the other guy, if youre a boxer who chooses to outpoint people and not take big risks then thats just a side effect of the way the rules are set. sort of like when people would bitch about Lindland being boring but he was just fighting within the rules, ya know?

"By then most of us will be living on Mars and communicating telepathically. UFC 10245 War of the Worlds!!!"

That shit was funny! Man I needed that tonight. Thanks.