LOL..who the hell is Wrecck Wrecck

The only two fights hes had have been against tough dudes...Matt Horwich and Kyacey Uscola. Who is he and how did he get such a badass name?


I watched him fight Josh Haines in Bend Oregon this past summer. He KO'ed Haines in less than 30 seconds. It was pretty impressive.

Yeah, he brutally KO'd "Bring the Pain" Haynes .. which is actually a pretty impressive feat.

He typically has trouble with good wrestlers/grapplers, but he also matches up well with most strikers.

What's his background? Fuck, with a name like Wrecck Wrecck...I'm already a fan!

TRAIN HIM OMA!!!!! He needs your expertise.

Is he black?

Go there to find the full video of the Wrecc vs Bring the Pain Haynes fight.

I beleive I've seen 3 of his fights. He was an early Sportfight 'star'. In the first Sportfight, he won with a brutal KO, so naturally everyone wanted to see him again. He then got matched up against Uscola, a guy who had already earned a rep around here as a big puncher (and coincidentally just KO'd a very tough Brian Foster last night in less than 30 seconds). Uscola was too skilled for Wreck, or maybe he just happened to land first. Then he went against Horwich, who had a pretty easy time with him on the mat.

A friend just asked me yesterday whatever happened to Wreck, now I can tell him he apparently moved to OK. The win over Haynes was a surprise especially because Haynes was on such a roll, but it goes to show you that Wreck is very dangerous against anyone that will stand and swing away with him. He's pure brawler.

He fought last weekend. THat pic is of him choking Bubba McDaniel.


ttt for him choking out that skinhead!!!!!!!!!

He even kicked Tom Jones ass.Its not unusual to see that welsh bastard
pissing some one off.

Paul Purcell def. Wrecc via KO @ 1:04 of RD 1

Looks like Wrecc tangled with another slugger and lost this time, eh.


The dude has ROCKS for hands. Not known for his cardio but if he hits you NIGHT NIGHT!


His real name is Horace Spencer. Look that up on Sherdog