Lol - Wierd tweet from Conor to Dustin!

That was uncomfortable to listen to


Err he knocked you out Conor. That shit isn’t going to work.


The Joker GIF


Hope Dustin beats him even worse this time, and I say that as having considered myself a fan of Conor’s at one point.


His trash talking has diminished more than his fighting skill :confused:

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“Pee Head?” He’a not reading a kid’s book here….

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Did he just call him a pea head? What in the world? And Dustin also never responds so it’s like Connor just talking to himself. Weird.

Dustin called Conor a pea head before the first fight. Conor is referencing that

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I hope Conor floors him in 4 seconds just to piss off the haters that were sucking his balls a couple years ago.


I want my money’s worth so I want Conor to KO Dustin within 3 rounds

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Opposite of that.

Hmmm maybe I remember it wrong then. Coulda sworn it was Dustin lol

It was. You’re definitely correct. But I still want Dustin to take it.

Conor called Dustin a pea head. Because he has the little head like a pea lol. Conor has a big noggin.

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I thought Conor was calling Floyd that before they fought.

Oh shit’s even weirdo now.

Wives involved.

Go check the thread.

Probably did too. I remember he said his head was like a Whopper or Raisinette or something lol.