I just felt like laughing!


but isn't there a "laughing" scenario in JKD training? That's when haven't gotten to that phase yet. That's ok, that's ok. It's all cool. Different paths, same destination, that type of stuff.

I still think it's funny. :)

THat thread had taken a turn for the worse and I think you would agree that that is not what this forum is for.


I commend you for deleting it. It was an educational thread while it lasted.

I'm just laughing because I saved the thread on my computer before it got deleted. :)

We have to make sure that this forum stays on training topic and not any political agendas.


it's too bad you had to throw the baby out with the bathwater, because I really liked hearing the posts on technique and different scenarios.

As a mod, is there any way for you to delete the posts that are full of political/personal malarky, and keep only the intelligent ones?

There is a way but I was having problems. Feel free to edit what you saved and repost. I agree taht there was some good stuff.

I hope this happens. In fact, I wrote a rather long response last night only to lose it somewhere in the mix. My fault--I should know by now to write anything important in MSWord and then copy-paste it to the internet.

John Frankl


I'll repost it sometime in the near future as a new thread. There was a lot of good stuff, so it'll take quite a bit of cutting and pasting. At any rate, I'll try to paste it sooner than later.


I liked your post. You're a knife maker? What kind of knives do you make? More specifically, do you make bowies?

Yes, J.D. Smith was/is my primary teacher and I am working on a pretty cool bowie (52100 steel fitted out with nickel silver guard/ferrule and African blackwood handle) right now. It looks something like to one I stuck myself with. Would you like pics?


Woot! I have burnt many a knuckle flat grinding on a belt sander.


Please post pics!! I love bowies, and actually have a couple on order from B. Bagwell. The bowie you're working on sounds gorgeous.

Just post the pics without it stuck in your arm please. :)

Cool. I'm not sure if I can post here. Give me an email address and I will get you a couple pics.


4 Ranges-

You won't be dissapointed in John's work. I've seen it first hand - great stuff!!!!! And I'm sure he's been getting better by leaps and bounds since I've seen his stuff last.


I hope all is well with you. I met you once at Jack Bernard's place back in Arlington, MA. Congratulations on your school and finishing up at Harvard - and getting out of the cold.

-wes tasker

Can't wait to see the pics. John, I'll be emailing you soon.