lololo at Manny Reyes

acting like the $9000 he will make vs Franca is big time cash. unless you make money from other avenues in life that is welfare money. Plus you will not beat franca anyway. so it will be more like 4 or 5 K
And trolling Ghost like a real big time professional fighter nice!

just a observation. he doesnt act like a professional fighter. or atleast one with class.

well, he IS getting paid more than what a bunch of other UFC fighters are getting. so maybe he's not as dumb as it seems.

"What do you THINK? The Money I Make Fighting is the ONLY FINANCIAL ICMOE $$$$ I make in my Life?"

does ICMOE = gay porn?

I have 90k in student loan debt, work 10 hours a day, pay a mortgage, and spend $50 a month on porn.

And you think you're living the good life?

lolo at Reyes he actually believes his own shit. Hey idiot i didnt say it was your only income i said I hope it isnt ass clown. take a minute and go back and read your threads you post then stop think for a minute (this is were it gets tough for you but just try for 1 minute) do you really think for 1 second you dont sound like a ass clown. you certainly come off as one. but once again you sound like a real dumm ass. And people actually look up to you as there teacher? huh!

Most people who are financially secure on there own account dont go and break it down for others.

"Plus you will not beat franca anyway. so it will be more like 4 or 5 K And trolling Ghost like a real big time professional fighter nice!"

Manny life's life on his own terms. Go fuck.

Manny, good for you for teaching kids and doing what you do. BUT I hope you dont carry that attitude and language into the school. Also, if you are doing commercial martial arts ( teaching and running tournaments) dont you think it is bad if parents/ students/sponsors/training partners/friends/fans see the things you write on here? especially kids? If I saw my sensei writing these kinds of things I would be heart broken. "SENSEI IS THE NAME FOR GOD IN THE HEARTS AND MINDS OF ALL STUDENTS" as I have been told..........just a thought.

lololo at Lawdog.

Canbang yes it is sorry about the typos I was typing fast and not checking, lolol

beernight I agree 100%

its also not originlbadboy its originalbadguy

Does Manny train kids at the neverland ranch?


he really needs to change his little act there.

what's the point of fighting, and competiting with no fans...?

enough is enough..

grow up, and act like a professional..

Has anyone that lives near Manny's schools given his student's (or more appropriately their parents) an idea of who exactly is teaching their classes?

Giving him a 4k+ payday and rampant attention here is just encrouagement to be more of an ass.

It's a shame any children are allowed near this putz... let him beat and turn his own kids into whores and punks, anyone bringing their kids to learn from this guy should know what kind of values and lessons their children are getting.

Mercy is for the weak!