Lombard confirms drop to 170lbs. wants Marquardt

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                                Lombard confirms drop to 170lbs. wants Marquardt

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                    <p>Earlier this week it was rumored that Hector Lombard was considering a drop to the welterweight division. Lombard was a big prospect coming into the UFC as Bellator's middleweight champion, but is only 1-2 in the organization. This morning it is confirmed that Lombard will be drop to welterweight and already has an idea of who he'd like to fight in his first fight in his new weight division:</p>

Lombard told UFC Tonight he has decided to the make the drop from middleweight down to the 170-pound weight class. He also has his eyes on a potential opponent, Nate Marquardt.

There has been no word yet when Lombard will make his UFC welterweight debut or if he will be granted his wish of facing former Strikeforce champion Nate Marquardt.

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Great news! Phone Post

I don't like the sound of this. I still think he can win convincingly at MW. I hope he isn't losing faith in himself. 



Pitbull3744 -

Lombard would kill GSP i think.  

I think your wrong Phone Post 3.0

Lombard will struggle to make 170. 

Pitbull3744 - 

Lombard would kill GSP i think.  

That would be exciting. 

TTBangBang - Wtf.. Calls out multiple people at MW. Then drops down a weightclass and starts calling out more people. Somebody give this guy his 3rd straight L and send him packing. Let Maia choke him to death Dana, please.

Technically it would only be his second straight loss. And I think he's calling out big names because he is probably hoping for a PPV slot. I'm pretty sure he worked in getting a cut in his contract. But they'll definitely keep him on Fuel or Fox Sports or whatever until he starts producing results.

Can we get some more Lombard GIFS in here??!

Don_Dada - 

Lombard will struggle to make 170. 

I agree


But if he can do it without draining himself too much in the cardio and power dept he could be an extremely dangerous guy!

Pitbull3744 - 
sonnensseringe1314 -
Pitbull3744 -

Lombard would kill GSP i think.  

I think your wrong Phone Post 3.0
Lombards a killer gsp isn't, Lombard is big and strong and gsp won't be taking him down at will and as soon as Lombard lands that shot its all over. My guess is he might hit a bit harder than Serra, and they both hit like bricks. Phone Post 3.0

I agree that GSP is not a killer.  He is missing the savagery that allows me to empathize with my favorite fighters.

Hector is a long way from a title-shot at any weight-class.  Additionally, all those things you said about Hector Lombard are equally fitting remarks about Johnny Hendricks.

Except I see GSP, GSP'ing both Johnny and Hector (IF Hector ever gets a shot).

GSP's strengths still beat both guys, to include MMA-wrestling, ring generalship, strategy, conditioning, mental-strength, athleticism, technical striking, and submissions.

Either guy could, concievably, put GSP's lights out.   Neither guy is the complete-package that has good odds of doing so.


Isn't he coaching TUF opposite cote? I just assumed those two would be fighting afterward since they'll both be welterweight's now. Phone Post 3.0

Pitbull3744 -

Lombard would kill GSP i think.  

Lombard would look good until he gasses out at the end of the first round. Then GSP would put on a clinic while Lombard flails around acting as a wheezing, walking punchbag.

I'm not even a GSP fan... Phone Post 3.0

That's kind of a random and lame call-out. That's like if Rashad dropped to 185 and called out ... Brian Stann. WTF? At least call out Saffiedine or someone who hasn't lost 2 straight fights.

Bad move IMO. Phone Post 3.0

The Spelling Wizard - 
sonnensseringe1314 - 
Pitbull3744 -

Lombard would kill GSP i think.  

I think your wrong Phone Post 3.0


Spelling wizard, huh? Oh yeah, it is so on! I'll show you what sentence diagramming is about, son. I'm calling my shot right now; indirect object strait up your gerund. I'll take you out with my passive voice, dude; no need for the active. Bring on all the weak-ass adjectives you want - 'cause I KNOW that's all you've got! That's right, son, I'll be raining down verbs on your ass all night long! WOOOO!

....um, 'straight' that is*