Lombard is now going to be a Wand type fighter

Good chin, can absorb punishment, but just as Hendo did with Wamderlei, I think the fault line in Mr. Lombard's jaw is permanently ruptured. Wand never could be called iron jawed, but these hellish bombs that Hendo throws are enough to permanently alter any fighter's chin.

We saw how Michael was iron chinned prior to the Hendo KO but now still iron jawed minus being rocked now and then. Got to give it to the count. Phone Post 3.0

USADA has ruined him. Phone Post 3.0

You guys do realize he is 38, right?

Ministry of Truth - You guys do realize he is 38, right?
This Phone Post 3.0

HeHitsMeBecauseHeLovesMe - USADA has ruined him. Phone Post 3.0
Yup no more vitamin S to cure that cracked chin Phone Post 3.0

So the point of your thread is that Lombard is chinny, but The Count has an iron jaw? Phone Post 3.0

Why do you consider Lombard as a cracked chin? because his only KO loss is to Hendo who has KOed heavyweights in the past?
The guy is 38 years old and got KOed by and elbow to the side of the head by a guy with vicous 1 punch KO power Phone Post 3.0

I think Lombard was probably using his entire career (Off and on, if not always on)

I certainly don't see him being a contender in the USADA era of the UFC. Considering how much they're paying him, I'm sure his next loss will be his last UFC fight. He hasn't won a fight since 2014, and it wasn't a barn burner (Shields fight).





Lombard should be at 170, he's too small for 185, no matter what Rogan says.

His chin is now done for. Phone Post 3.0

Without the cardio or output