Lombard: "Marquardt will regret being in the cage"



"” I am going to make him regret every moment he is in the cage with me. Usually I am the guy that no one wants to fight and they make excuses not to fight me. I am quite happy this fight is happening. I have been wanting to fight him so I am grateful for the opportunity. I am also grateful it is happening in the UFC, there is going to be more people watching me beat Nate up”

Vu for your name haha Phone Post 3.0

Hoping for a double KO Phone Post 3.0

They gave him Okami, Boetsch & Paul Harris.. All wrestlers.. They definitely aren't making it easy for him.. But as much as I like Marquardt, I think he gets lit up on the feet and Lombard gets KOTN Phone Post

I think the same thing was said about Lombard and the Middle Weight division. Will have to wait and see..

Pic from last week...