Last nights Cage Fighting Championship in Sydney Australia saw...

(report by fan in attendance)

Kyle Noke def. Yoann Gouiada
*Kyle dominated his opponent. Took him down easy and choked him out. THought it was first round but might be wrong.

Brian Ebersole def. Wade Henderson
*Ebersole had his chest hair shaved into an arrow pointing at his chin. He played around a lot. His opponent was on his back and brian had his legs. He swung them, jumped to side control, somehow straight to a head arm choke! amazing. Asked then if he would fight hector for the championship on next show(obviously they thought hector was going to win his fight later that night!)

Hector Lombard def. Fabiano Capoani
*Finally Hector was just too powerful and fought in his opponents guard, landing several heavy shots. A few tight armbar and triangle attempts were made but he just powered out. I think it was early second round he was again in guard? and Ko’d fabiona. He said no one can beat him on the mic then brian came to the ring for photos and pushing for their title fight in august.


Just spoke to Brian, who stated he had pretty good night at the ofice with a big control advantage on the ground. He said Hector looked as impressive as always & Fabiano looked to play BJJ.

Having worked for Hector for a few years & being very close mates with Brian makes August not a fun thing for me. May the best man win.


TTT for Ebersole

craziest fighter out there!!!

 ttt for brian!