just heard the Xplosion 13 show is on FOX this tuesday and will air the MMA fights!


Sweet! I just got Fox put back on at my new place. I'll be making sure I see this.

Know what time Justin? Thanks for the heads up too.

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Sorry mate I'm guessing evening??

think programming is viewable on line.

I fly to japan Wed 9am and really wanted to take this with me, which I can in VHS, but........

Anyone up this way capable of digitally recording to DVD? Just that japan is NTSC.



I saw the fight and was fairly impressed but not over the top as some others.
Great physique , v.good takedowns , ok strikes.
I've seen a lot of the shows GC , Melb. etc and the best fighter i have seen imo is Joey Villasenor.

Something to chew on ?

Don't know how to start new thread .:)

Joey is a GREAT fighter, but, respectfully...

His win here was over Danny HIGGINS, who at the time was a far less fighter than he is today. He is now trained by Joey's trainer - Greg JACKSON. I am sure Danny would be the first to admit his skill level now is far greater than it was.

Further - I would argue that joey has yet to accomplish what TAKASE has, the guy Beat Anderson 'Freaking' SILVA and carlos NEWTON.

My point, hector annihialeted a guy that has beatten some of the worlds elite. To understand the signifigance of the TAKASE win, you have to appreciate that TAKASE is an amazing fighter.



Point taken but i was going purely on fighters i'd seen and Joey impressed me.

BTW Have the first twenty something KOTC discs...love e-bay , and Joey looks awesome in the 4 or 5 fights on there.

But original post was regarding in the flesh.

Was going to try to catch up at the Matsumoto? show but stuff happens .

Maybe next time Justin



steve, mine is July 7 at Logan fire me an email bro.