Lombard vs babalu

Not sure if it been posted but I guess Bellator is trying to get this fight at 205, any thoughts? Phone Post

 I heart Babalu.

I hope he tells renato to fuck off. Phone Post

Babalu will pull the upset

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gage949 - Babalu will pull the upset

I hope so. I hope he does well because hes one of the most under appreciated guys out there. They way he picked apart Robbie on the feet amazed me (he managed to outpoint him on the feet with a great jab and leg kicks iirc) and i hope he can put together a nice final run for himself.

I just hope he doesn't get lazy from the bottom and leave his chin out. I love babalu (top 3 fav fighters) but his chin isn't what it used to be.

Why 205? Phone Post

Babalu fought Robbie lawler at 195, I'm surprised he isn't Fighting Hector at that catch weight. Phone Post

Babalu Phone Post


Here's the link I took this from, bjorn is liking the idea also Phone Post


Babalu's responds