Lombard vs. Palhares

Paul Harris gong home with a leg. I believe! Phone Post

Lombard got this. Phone Post

C'mon Palhares, take that leg home. Phone Post

This is a very interesting match up. Judo vs BJJ! High level on both sides too! Phone Post

War Paul yarris !! Phone Post

dont blink..

yea buddy Phone Post

Anik sounds like the Spanish newscaster who sounds totally American than says her name and sounds like she's straight off the boat from Latin America when he says Paul Harris Phone Post

FUCK!!!!!!! Phone Post

That's 1 scary dude Phone Post

holy shit Lombards a savage Phone Post

damn... O.o 


Awesome finish!!!! Phone Post

Lombard smash Phone Post

geez, the guy doesn't need to be unconscious before stopping the fight ref...

I'm starting to think that Boetsch fight wouldn't end the same way twice Phone Post


Wilson_20 -
Heineken Man - Two of the very best at 185. At their best, both guys can finish anyone in the world. This win will be huge for one of them. We all know how this one is gonna go, Palhares by submission or Lombard by knockout.

No decision in sight.

If Hendo couldn't ko palhares what makes you think Lombard can? Phone Post

How's that crow? Phone Post

Bang! Phone Post

French Fries Malone - War Paul yarris !! Phone Post

ror Phone Post