London OG'er talking sh@t to Jeremy Horn..

..on Facebook. The guys name is Todd Wood and apparently he is from London, Ontario. Anybody know this guy?

Todd Wood: We don't need to carry guns in our country and thats why people here aren't getting killed. I'll change coward to paranoid, scared. Or retired UFC fighter needs a gun to walk the streets. The same streets that kids and senior citizens walk on. Another what if gun junkie. I really don't care. your enemies love seeing americans shoot americans. I think there are more people killed by police because they have a permit to carry, then all of the gun deaths in my Country. I would love to here reasons why you need to carry a gun other then fear, scared, worried paranoid. I'm 5'7" with a spinal cord injury and I don't need a gun. our gun laws are great here. I have a better chance of getting hit by lightening. Jeremy why are you so scared?

Jeremy Horn: What kind of nonsense are you spreading, Todd? I don't hang out in strip clubs till 3 a.m. before my fights. Or at all for that matter. You're not sending me private messages either. What's your deal?


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Todd Wood: be careful what u wish for I've heard the stories more then once. you go to strip clubs, you drink and you stayed up till 3 and you fight. wheres the lie. Only thing your known for is getting beat by liddell. You haven't produced any top UFC fighters so you can't coach. maybe for you carrying a gun is a good idea. boring fighter


He's pretty close

What a jerkoff. Matt Hughes credits Jeremy horn for teaching him BJJ. Horn was a fantastic coach

Sounds like just a troll.  And since Horn responded to him then Jeremy is giving him exactly what he wanted.

spinal cord injury guy must have nothing better to do than talk shit online

Clearly trying to (master)bate him into a face to face meeting where he hopes to become Horn's sissy bitch.

Stating he is 5'7" and has a spinal cord injury (no threat and will lay still), made up name of Wood (obvious OGer) and wants to get hit by Horn's lightning.