London tube station on lockdown following explosio

Interesting development. Still early on. Looks like an explosion and also a suspicious package  that's being investigated.

Rut roh

I don’t want to jump to concl…

And it’s Muslims

What is the classification system for explosions? What is the threshold for minor vs major? Maybe this was a dry ice bomb or firework or something?

I'm glad there were no injuries at least. Sounds like it fucked up rush hour though.

DavidYorkshire -

I would be surprised if this is muslims.  Because southgate station is way out of the centre.  Very far.


"Police are dealing with a reported explosion at an Underground station in north London after reports that a suspicious package had been found, they have said.

Scotland Yard said officers were at Southgate tube station, where they were making enquiries to “establish the cause of a reported minor explosion at 19:03 hours” on Tuesday. They said they were not aware of any serious injuries in a message posted on Twitter about an hour after the incident."

What? You think it's unlikely to be muslims cos it's not in central?

“I would be surprised if this is muslims. Because southgate station is way out of the centre. Very far.”

Chief Wiggum? Is that you?

DavidYorkshire -

Well I just mean, if its terrorist, why choose somewhere out of the centre of attention, when they could do it in the centre with more people, and more attention and chaos.  Its possible of course.  But it would be strange.  Unless bomb popped early, by accident.




Was explosion but not bomb. 


"Five people have been injured in a suspected explosion at a Tube station.

Witnesses described smelling "burning rubber" and seeing "six-foot flames" at the entrance to Southgate underground station in Enfield.

Police said the "minor explosion", at about 19:00 BST, was thought to have been caused by a battery short circuit.

Paramedics treated five people at the scene and took two to hospital. British Transport Police said the incident was not thought to be terror-related. "



Well, good. Hope all five make it through.

This is so common now due to that shithead mayor, nobody pays attention now. So sad

Part and parcel

DavidYorkshire - 
TheHawker - "I would be surprised if this is muslims. Because southgate station is way out of the centre. Very far."

Chief Wiggum? Is that you?


I guess you would have to live here to get it.

All the London muslim terrorist attacks 2005-2018 have targeted central london, for obvious reasons.   The further out you go from the centre the less busy it is, and it feels less chaotic.  And feels less like a target.


This is a map of the london tube stations.


The one in question is not on this map.  Its further out.


There’s an air of safety outside major cities. It causes more fear when people think they’re are no longer safe even there. Smaller, less conspicuous targets are actually more logical.